What is Coffee ?

  • Here at Pigeonhole Coffee, we want to tell you everything about coffee, this amazing beverage, its beneficial aspects and indulge you with a true coffee experience.

  • Coffee is the unification of different customs, cultures and countries, value the hours of hard work that go into coffee production, and most of all respect the people that made sure we would receive a bag of exceptional coffee.

  • We work and collaborate together to improve the quality of coffee into the cup, this is why at Pigeonhole Coffee you will have the opportunity to taste some unique ethically sourced coffee right from our own soil in Indonesia or anywhere else around the world and brewed to perfection for you ...

  • Our collaborative work from farm to cup is eventually leads to certain achievement. From high score record for Indonesian coffee at the tip of 2017 on and the winning of 2 silver medal from The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria in Australian International Coffee Award, in Milk, Blend category and Pour Over, Single Origin category

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